May 18

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan, and Fail


Haven’t we all been taught to plan our work, then work our plan as if success is guaranteed when we do so? Lately many of my business clients have come to me thinking their business plans are solid and their employees are the problem. Their businesses are struggling and they are blaming their employees, including their managers. However, in all cases, their plans were the leading problem.

When you create a plan, the people implementing it need to be strong in connecting with it, that is true. But, what most people overlook is that the plan itself must also be strong. If the plan is weak, no amount of working it will bring the success you desire.

For example, let’s look at a real estate office plan for increasing sales. The plan was to hire a productivity coach. She would be paid a lucrative salary by the company to coach the bottom-tier salespeople as per a franchise model. And, to further incentivize the coach, she would be paid bonuses whenever the people she coached met specific sales goals. The leader of the office, who is held accountable for the office being profitable, was frustrated not to be making a profit while paying bonuses to the coach. She knew the model wasn’t working. Also, this company profit shares with their salespeople. No profit, no profit share. The office leader couldn’t fix the problem, because the plan was weak. The plan did not support and align with the overall business culture of independent salespeople following a pay-your-own-way and profit-share franchise model. So, we broke the plan down in order of its weaknesses in order to reveal a strong plan.

Giving free coaching to the bottom-tier agents was a weak plan for increasing their productivity for several reasons. I’ll name the top three.

(1) The plan made the salespeople think they couldn’t succeed acting on their own insight.

(2) The plan takes profit share away from the other salespeople. And,

(3) The plan created entitlement thinking in those who had not performed.

A stronger coaching plan would have the agents who want coaching hire the coach of their choice and pay a fixed amount per session with the opportunity to stop coaching at any time. Forcing a commitment by time or goal is also a weak plan.

When a plan is weak and people continue to implement it, the situation actually gets worse. If your company is struggling to make a profit, before you blame your people, feel for weaknesses in your business plan. If you’d like assistance in developing a strong plan for profitability, make a consultation appointment with me by emailing

May 17

Time Management Sabotages Success


This week several of my corporate clients came to me wanting help with time management. Some had time management models from “experts” that they intended to implement, but just couldn’t seem to get started. Others had jobs providing a service to people that required doing paperwork. They thought the paperwork got in the way, and that delivering the service was more important. In every case, the real issue was a crisis of purpose.

The bottom line is this. You do not have one special purpose for being alive. Everything you do is your purpose. When you place more importance on one thing over another, you create unevenness. Where there is unevenness there is struggle. Consequently, making a list and prioritizing tasks for the day immediately creates a mental struggle for you. Instead, make a list of tasks you want to complete. Then, strengthen yourself to the list and doing everything on it with equal importance. When you have evenness among your tasks, you are free to complete them without your mind telling you your time would be better spent doing something other than what you’re doing. When you are “strong” to your tasks, you have consistent internal motivation, no “passion” required.

Back to my clients, when I strengthened them as I just described, everything changed for them. They exhaled into their work routines. And, they had consistently strong energy left for their families or their personal lives at the end of the day. If you are resonating with this story and would like the same relief, just make an appointment with me by emailing

Apr 16

When Positive Thinking is Not Useful


Positive thinking about something negative causes mental pain. And yet, it’s what self-help experts have told us to do for decades. If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard someone say “think positively”, I’d be on the Forbes list of 100 richest people in the world. Think about it for two seconds. When you have tried to think positively about something that is not positive, has it made the situation better? Has it resolved the situation at all? Did you feel weaker about the situation in the long run? If haven’t mastered one or more suppression tools like denial, lying to yourself, suppressing, shutting down, numbing or forgetting, your answer would be “yes”.

The bottom line is: to avoid mental pain, you don’t want to think positively about something negative, and you don’t want to suppress the negative. You want to be strongly neutral to anything and everything so it doesn’t weaken you. Strengthen yourself to what is true and then handle it!

Dec 31

Troubled by the U.S.A.


More and more clients are coming to me with issues about their country, the United States. They want a strong connection both ways, from themselves to their country and from their country to themselves. If you feel weakened by what’s happening in the U.S., perhaps reading about how one client’s issues were resolved will strengthen you, too.  Getting the right answer about what’s troubling you always changes the situation for the better.

This particular client asked me to strengthen her for connecting with what’s happening in the United States. When the U.S. connected with her it weakened her. When she thought about the future of the whole country, it also made her weak. Essentially, the country has negative experiences, call them spiritual experiences, from the past. So we deleted the weakening effects on the country of the spiritual experiences, especially from politicians.

Next, we resolved the weakening effects of the people, especially people with religion. We deleted the excess energy there from no separation. And, we deleted the effects on this woman’s spirit of people wanting to make religion the main thing for the U.S. instead of religion being a private affair. Now, even if the country goes in the direction of making religion a main thing, there will be no weakness for her.

Interestingly, all of the weakening issues came from inside the U.S., not from other countries causing problems for the U.S. The final weakening issue for my client was the people not getting along with each other, especially people already graduated from college. They compete against others, but not so anyone else benefits, only to be a negative influence on their competitors. So we strengthened her and deleted the effects so she will remain strong to that situation.

For my client, getting the answer to her question as to what specifically was weakening her stopped her question from becoming a problem. When questions go unanswered they combine with each other into problems. Confusion ensues. You want to be strong to whatever is happening around you so you have clarity as to what actions to take. Use your insight. Feel for what is weak. Strengthen the weakness and resolve the situation. Where there is no weakness, there is no problem. Or, contact me and I will do it for you.


Nov 19

Regarding Timothy

Children at School

Photo by West Coast Surfer / Mood Board / Rex Features (1284805a)
MODEL RELEASED Angry Little Boy in a Classroom
Children at School

By Julie Rahm

When Timothy was eight years old, he tried to stab his mother. I’ll leave her out of this discussion other than to say that she placed him in foster care. He began third grade at the public elementary school near his foster home. From time to time, he had outbursts in the classroom that scared the other students. But, they learned to remain calm and quiet, and Timothy settled down quickly. Fast-forward two years. He is without a home and a resident in a mental hospital that serves children.

So often outbursts are misdiagnosed as mental problems. However, they are usually spiritual. As I felt for Timothy’s primary weakness, I considered the effects of him being heavily medicated. But, medication was not the leading weakness. In fact it was #10.

Let’s break down Timothy’s life problem into the three leading weaknesses and resolve them once and for all. The first weakness is non-physical/spiritual experience/karma/curses. The cause is family factors: ancestors, siblings, spouses (in his spiritual experiences), and descendants (in his spiritual experiences), spirit attachments, and multiple personalities. Multiple personalities are simply the label given to those spirits that stay with you, because they wanted your body, but didn’t get it. Let’s strengthen him and delete the effects.

The second leading weakness for Timothy is also spiritual. Indirect and partial indirect karmas within the family affect him. Indirect karmas involve a person’s ancestors and descendants. Partial indirect karmas involve the person and either their ancestors or descendants. Karmas are resolved by strengthening and then deleting the effects for both the victims’ and the perpetrator’s spirits.

The third leading weakness is that 80-percent of Timothy’s spiritual experiences as a boy for thousands of years were psychotic. So, let’s strengthen him and delete the effects of the experiences.

By resolving the leading three weaknesses, his spirit is now balanced, centered and stabilized. Now, let’s balance, center and stabilize his body and then his mind, in order of weakness.

Even those of you who aren’t confident in your ability to feel the difference between strong and weak can tell that Timothy’s situation is different now, can’t you? The right answer changes everything.

(Names have been changed, because it felt strong to do so.)

Nov 04

The Main Thing or Common Core: Oh! The Humanities!


By Julie Rahm

Once a month, I reserve time in my schedule for substitute teaching in our local public schools. I enjoy volunteering in the schools to resolve behavior and learning issues for individual students. Being part of the education experience for a day immerses me in overall classroom issues and offers a more strategic perspective. The best part is the flood of insight that comes to me on how to improve the situation for students, teachers, and staff members.

For example, last week I led an inclusion class of third graders in a common core reading comprehension exercise. They had four pages to complete, each containing a short passage to read followed by two multiple-choice questions on each passage. The students were to choose the statement that best described the main idea of the passage, and to choose the best title for the passage. Here’s what happened…

Each passage had new and tricky words in it. The writers of the worksheets intended to trick the students. Apply your own insight. Don’t take my word for it. If students didn’t know the meaning of a word, they couldn’t remember anything that followed the word. So, if they didn’t pause to look up the definition, they could go no further. Their multiple-choice answers were pure guesses.

Among other issues, students were energetically weak for connecting with school, reading, and answering questions. To resolve the situation for the students, I deleted the mom influences; neutralized the energy in the classroom; strengthened the students for leaving home; resolved karmas among the students and teacher; deleted failure experiences; strengthened the students for connecting with school, reading, answering questions and the reverse of each. Then, I resolved their wants/needs/desires to be doing something else, and strengthened them for effort. They will redo their worksheets today. I expect the experience to be significantly improved.



Sep 13

When Motivation Wanes


By Julie Rahm

Has this ever happened to you? This morning I sat down to write and was suddenly unmotivated. I had planned to write about how using the word “need” weakens situations unless you’re talking about food, shelter and clothing. Now I know resolving lack of motivation is the more important subject matter for today.

In my case, the motivation weakness came from ancestors and retired people who found a way to resonate with me at the spiritual level. They connected with me so I would resolve their weaknesses of purpose. So, I put a quick thought on my midline to strengthen them and resolve the issues. We stopped resonating with each other and I was motivated to write again.

The point is, sometimes the weaknesses you feel aren’t even yours. You could be resonating with ancestors, descendants, siblings, women, men, mothers, peers, clients, the list goes on and on. By using your insight, you can feel what’s going on and resolve the issue.

Just a side note about motivation… Being self-motivated results from energetic strength for doing each task throughout the day. In working with clients, I often feel weaknesses for unevenness among tasks, thinking one thing is more important than another. Unevenness creates struggle. Strengthening for evenness resolves the situation and restores motivation. And in groups, families, organizations, or corporations, strong evenness in consideration for each other is also key to self-motivation of each person.

Sep 11

Showing You What You Can Do For Yourself


Just when I was going to write about this, Dr. Yuen said it all.

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Yuen Method’s Goal by Dr. Kam Yuen 

My goal is not to show you what I can do.

My goal is to show you what you can do for yourself, your family, friends, coworkers, classmates and your pets.

You can make improvement for you and for others on a regular and daily basis.

Life is really about making improvements without taking anyone’s words included mine.

When you improve others, you improve yourself. The more people and living creatures you improve, the more you improve.

Self-improvement process is not at all about claiming better than others, but to raise the bar for humanity and all life forms.

This process is about simple logic accompanied with simplified insight. Your simple logic is concise, precise and quick. Your simplified insight is feeling, perception and intuition.

Now you have the means to connect with the right answer and action that leads to results every time for everyone and everything in life.

Grandmaster of Kungfu…DrK

Sep 11

Stuck in Now

time-fliesBy Julie Rahm

How many times have you heard some “expert” say you should “live in the now”, or talk of the “power of now”. If you believe that and live accordingly, you are stuck. Those “experts” are keeping you stuck. It’s time to engage your own intuition and insight (combination of intuition, perception and feeling) so you know when you’re being fed misinformation.

When clients come to me saying they are stuck, we resolve the situation in seconds.  With a thought to their midlines, I strengthen their mental weakness of thinking they need to live in “now”. Then I strengthen their perception so when things change they have the perception to notice. My clients get unstuck and move forward.

How can you live in “now” when “now” is always changing? Time is always moving forward. You really only have the past and the future. Those who tell you to live in the now act as if the past and future don’t matter. Not only do they matter, they affect you. Both the past and the future can cause weaknesses in your body, mind and spirit. By resolving time weaknesses, you will be strong in the fleeting moment of “now” without even trying. Don’t take my word for it. Use your own insight and feel whether my statements feel strong or weak!

Sep 09

The Angry Man


By Julie Rahm

Anger is a reaction, nothing more. Connect with the trigger and the reaction is eliminated. Start there and you can resolve any anger situation.  Let’s look at an example.

The Director of Training for a large corporation called me about an anger issue an employee had. His situation came to a head when a woman from his department filed a harassment complaint. The employee’s job was at risk if he couldn’t get his anger under control.

So, I accepted the challenge of assisting the man so he could keep his job. At our first meeting, the man described what happened. He told me the woman who filed the complaint gave him “the look”. Women, you know what I’m talking about. “The look” triggered the cumulative effects of every time his mother gave him “the look”, especially times when he didn’t deserve the judgment, criticism and rejection that comes with “the look”.

I strengthened him to “the look”, and then deleted the cumulative effects of the memories and traumas associated with “the look”. I strengthened him to triggers, emotional reactions and sensations, and then deleted their effects. The anger problem was resolved. A year later, the Director of Human Resources commented that the man has been promoted to a management position, and that he couldn’t believe the lasting calm in this man.

If anger is ruining your job, your relationships, and your life you don’t need to suffer any longer. Send me a message via the Facebook link on this site and I will direct you in resolving your situation.


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