Sep 13

When Motivation Wanes


By Julie Rahm

Has this ever happened to you? This morning I sat down to write and was suddenly unmotivated. I had planned to write about how using the word “need” weakens situations unless you’re talking about food, shelter and clothing. Now I know resolving lack of motivation is the more important subject matter for today.

In my case, the motivation weakness came from ancestors and retired people who found a way to resonate with me at the spiritual level. They connected with me so I would resolve their weaknesses of purpose. So, I put a quick thought on my midline to strengthen them and resolve the issues. We stopped resonating with each other and I was motivated to write again.

The point is, sometimes the weaknesses you feel aren’t even yours. You could be resonating with ancestors, descendants, siblings, women, men, mothers, peers, clients, the list goes on and on. By using your insight, you can feel what’s going on and resolve the issue.

Just a side note about motivation… Being self-motivated results from energetic strength for doing each task throughout the day. In working with clients, I often feel weaknesses for unevenness among tasks, thinking one thing is more important than another. Unevenness creates struggle. Strengthening for evenness resolves the situation and restores motivation. And in groups, families, organizations, or corporations, strong evenness in consideration for each other is also key to self-motivation of each person.