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Julie Rahm, M.S.

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life beyond your wildest dreams? Then it’s time to call Julie Rahm. She’ll make you pain-free, stress-free, and happy. Experience the life-changing magic of consulting with Julie. She gets instant results, and she’s a pretty nice person, too.

Want to make your own pain and stress disappear? Julie is a Master Instructor in the Yuen Method having been trained and certified directly by Dr. Kam Yuen. She instructs through active learning in a way that is simple and fun and guarantees your success.

Julie is the author of the Amazon Kindle best seller Military Kids Speak. You may have seen her on Triangle Alive and Public Report, heard her as a morning radio guest around the country and hosting her own program “The Mindset Mechanic Show”, or read her advice at www.Time.com.

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    […] Julie applies YUEN Mastery, the New Science of Achieving Immediate Results; a blend of insight and logic with a dash of quantum physics. The bottom line – if you’re ready to be free of stress and pain, if you’re ready for self-mastery, if you’re ready to know what’s really going on in the world, then read her articles or schedule a one-on-one results-guaranteed telephone consultation with Julie. […]

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