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  1. Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan, and Fail — May 18, 2014
  2. Time Management Sabotages Success — May 17, 2014
  3. When Positive Thinking is Not Useful — April 16, 2014
  4. Troubled by the U.S.A. — December 31, 2013
  5. Regarding Timothy — November 19, 2013

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May 18

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan, and Fail

Haven’t we all been taught to plan our work, then work our plan as if success is guaranteed when we do so? Lately many of my business clients have come to me thinking their business plans are solid and their employees are the problem. Their businesses are struggling and they are blaming their employees, including their …

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May 17

Time Management Sabotages Success

This week several of my corporate clients came to me wanting help with time management. Some had time management models from “experts” that they intended to implement, but just couldn’t seem to get started. Others had jobs providing a service to people that required doing paperwork. They thought the paperwork got in the way, and …

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Apr 16

When Positive Thinking is Not Useful

Positive thinking about something negative causes mental pain. And yet, it’s what self-help experts have told us to do for decades. If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard someone say “think positively”, I’d be on the Forbes list of 100 richest people in the world. Think about it for two …

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Dec 31

Troubled by the U.S.A.

More and more clients are coming to me with issues about their country, the United States. They want a strong connection both ways, from themselves to their country and from their country to themselves. If you feel weakened by what’s happening in the U.S., perhaps reading about how one client’s issues were resolved will strengthen …

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Nov 19

Regarding Timothy

Photo by West Coast Surfer / Mood Board / Rex Features (1284805a) MODEL RELEASED Angry Little Boy in a Classroom Children at School By Julie Rahm When Timothy was eight years old, he tried to stab his mother. I’ll leave her out of this discussion other than to say that she placed him in foster care. …

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Nov 04

The Main Thing or Common Core: Oh! The Humanities!

By Julie Rahm Once a month, I reserve time in my schedule for substitute teaching in our local public schools. I enjoy volunteering in the schools to resolve behavior and learning issues for individual students. Being part of the education experience for a day immerses me in overall classroom issues and offers a more strategic …

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Sep 13

When Motivation Wanes

By Julie Rahm Has this ever happened to you? This morning I sat down to write and was suddenly unmotivated. I had planned to write about how using the word “need” weakens situations unless you’re talking about food, shelter and clothing. Now I know resolving lack of motivation is the more important subject matter for …

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Sep 11

Showing You What You Can Do For Yourself

Just when I was going to write about this, Dr. Yuen said it all. Follow him on Facebook at! Yuen Method’s Goal by Dr. Kam Yuen  My goal is not to show you what I can do. My goal is to show you what you can do for yourself, your family, friends, coworkers, classmates …

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Sep 11

Stuck in Now

By Julie Rahm How many times have you heard some “expert” say you should “live in the now”, or talk of the “power of now”. If you believe that and live accordingly, you are stuck. Those “experts” are keeping you stuck. It’s time to engage your own intuition and insight (combination of intuition, perception and …

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Sep 09

The Angry Man

By Julie Rahm Anger is a reaction, nothing more. Connect with the trigger and the reaction is eliminated. Start there and you can resolve any anger situation.  Let’s look at an example. The Director of Training for a large corporation called me about an anger issue an employee had. His situation came to a head when …

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