Personal Phone Consultations with Julie Rahm, M.S.

You Have The Good Fortune of Getting Pain Relief Now… And You Know In Your Heart You Absolutely Deserve It!

Julie makes your pain disappear on the spot, wherever you are, drug-free. Join the ever-increasing number of active professionals making the wise investment of a little time and money in their own health and well being!

Scheduling your 25 or 50-minute phone consultation is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1) Purchase your time online

2) Select a consultation date/time via email 

3) If you need to reschedule, please contact Julie’s office by e-mail with your Invoice number at


Frequently Asked Questions about Julie’s Phone Consultations

Q: What is the cost & length of a personal phone consultation with Julie?

A: Personal consultations with Julie are 25 minutes and the cost is $100. If you choose to extend the consultation past 25 minutes, Julie’s time permitting, overtime charges will apply. Or, you may schedule 50 minutes for $200.

Q: How soon will my phone consultation take place?

A: Personal consultations are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM Eastern Time. Julie’s phone consultations are typically booked up to three weeks in advance, and we will always offer you the absolute earliest time available on her schedule.

Q: What happens during a personal consultation with Julie?

A: During the consultation, Julie will determine the root cause, source, or reason responsible for the life problems you’re experiencing. It is through energetically strengthening you using the Yuen Method that Julie directs you to resolve your problems and improvement can occur immediately.

The consultation begins with Julie first asking you a few questions about what type of problems you are experiencing and how they affect you physically and emotionally. While asking these questions, she will determine your leading causes/sources/reasons and strengthen each of them. Then, she will then follow up by asking you questions about how you feel, the same or different. It is important to feel the difference as opposed to thinking about it.

The consultation continues in this fashion based on the problems you describe to her. Problems we have in life are multidimensional, for example the culprit behind the physical problems we experience may be mental, emotional, spiritual, or psychological.

You may be surprised at the answers Julie provides. It may be even more surprising that your pain and stress can be resolved immediately when your unknown causes/sources/reasons for problems are collectively strengthened using the Yuen Method!

Q: How do I connect with Julie?

A:  At your scheduled time, Julie will call you using the information you provided.

Q: Great! I purchased my consultation time, exactly what is my next step now?

A: CHECK YOUR EMAIL to ensure you receive 3 separate items: 1) a copy of your invoice, 2) an e-mail to schedule and select your Consultation day/time, and 3) your “Personal Consultation Confirmation” email.

This brand new consultation reservation process has been streamlined FOR YOU, to ensure it is as simple as possible to connect with Julie to have your problems resolved! We are all about removing barriers and limitations, and this is just another example of successfully doing so!

Q: What if I am not available during Julie’s consultation hours? Does she offer other available times?

A: If you prefer a different Consultation time, please email our office at with your full name and invoice number.

Q: How do I change or reschedule my Consultation Time?

A:  If you wish to Reschedule your Consultation Time, please e-mail our office at at least 48 hours in advance.