Nov 19

Regarding Timothy

Children at School

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MODEL RELEASED Angry Little Boy in a Classroom
Children at School

By Julie Rahm

When Timothy was eight years old, he tried to stab his mother. I’ll leave her out of this discussion other than to say that she placed him in foster care. He began third grade at the public elementary school near his foster home. From time to time, he had outbursts in the classroom that scared the other students. But, they learned to remain calm and quiet, and Timothy settled down quickly. Fast-forward two years. He is without a home and a resident in a mental hospital that serves children.

So often outbursts are misdiagnosed as mental problems. However, they are usually spiritual. As I felt for Timothy’s primary weakness, I considered the effects of him being heavily medicated. But, medication was not the leading weakness. In fact it was #10.

Let’s break down Timothy’s life problem into the three leading weaknesses and resolve them once and for all. The first weakness is non-physical/spiritual experience/karma/curses. The cause is family factors: ancestors, siblings, spouses (in his spiritual experiences), and descendants (in his spiritual experiences), spirit attachments, and multiple personalities. Multiple personalities are simply the label given to those spirits that stay with you, because they wanted your body, but didn’t get it. Let’s strengthen him and delete the effects.

The second leading weakness for Timothy is also spiritual. Indirect and partial indirect karmas within the family affect him. Indirect karmas involve a person’s ancestors and descendants. Partial indirect karmas involve the person and either their ancestors or descendants. Karmas are resolved by strengthening and then deleting the effects for both the victims’ and the perpetrator’s spirits.

The third leading weakness is that 80-percent of Timothy’s spiritual experiences as a boy for thousands of years were psychotic. So, let’s strengthen him and delete the effects of the experiences.

By resolving the leading three weaknesses, his spirit is now balanced, centered and stabilized. Now, let’s balance, center and stabilize his body and then his mind, in order of weakness.

Even those of you who aren’t confident in your ability to feel the difference between strong and weak can tell that Timothy’s situation is different now, can’t you? The right answer changes everything.

(Names have been changed, because it felt strong to do so.)