Sep 11

Stuck in Now

time-fliesBy Julie Rahm

How many times have you heard some “expert” say you should “live in the now”, or talk of the “power of now”. If you believe that and live accordingly, you are stuck. Those “experts” are keeping you stuck. It’s time to engage your own intuition and insight (combination of intuition, perception and feeling) so you know when you’re being fed misinformation.

When clients come to me saying they are stuck, we resolve the situation in seconds.  With a thought to their midlines, I strengthen their mental weakness of thinking they need to live in “now”. Then I strengthen their perception so when things change they have the perception to notice. My clients get unstuck and move forward.

How can you live in “now” when “now” is always changing? Time is always moving forward. You really only have the past and the future. Those who tell you to live in the now act as if the past and future don’t matter. Not only do they matter, they affect you. Both the past and the future can cause weaknesses in your body, mind and spirit. By resolving time weaknesses, you will be strong in the fleeting moment of “now” without even trying. Don’t take my word for it. Use your own insight and feel whether my statements feel strong or weak!