Sep 09

The Angry Man


By Julie Rahm

Anger is a reaction, nothing more. Connect with the trigger and the reaction is eliminated. Start there and you can resolve any anger situation.  Let’s look at an example.

The Director of Training for a large corporation called me about an anger issue an employee had. His situation came to a head when a woman from his department filed a harassment complaint. The employee’s job was at risk if he couldn’t get his anger under control.

So, I accepted the challenge of assisting the man so he could keep his job. At our first meeting, the man described what happened. He told me the woman who filed the complaint gave him “the look”. Women, you know what I’m talking about. “The look” triggered the cumulative effects of every time his mother gave him “the look”, especially times when he didn’t deserve the judgment, criticism and rejection that comes with “the look”.

I strengthened him to “the look”, and then deleted the cumulative effects of the memories and traumas associated with “the look”. I strengthened him to triggers, emotional reactions and sensations, and then deleted their effects. The anger problem was resolved. A year later, the Director of Human Resources commented that the man has been promoted to a management position, and that he couldn’t believe the lasting calm in this man.

If anger is ruining your job, your relationships, and your life you don’t need to suffer any longer. Send me a message via the Facebook link on this site and I will direct you in resolving your situation.