Sep 08

The Pain of Purpose


By Julie Rahm

Recently a businessman came to me for relief from pain in his lower back and shoulders. He informed me that he had a chiropractor work on the pain regularly. And yet, the pain remained. Let’s look at the concept of pain, and then the resolution of pain for this man.

In order to eliminate pain, you must examine it in the context of your life. Both physical and non-physical things that weaken you cause pain. For instance, it may surprise you to learn that pain in one part of the body is referred from a weakness in another part of the body where you have no symptoms. That symptomless weakness makes possible pain and injury to the referred body part. Naturally, we began by strengthening the referring weakness. Next, I strengthened the weakness in his body for alignment in his shoulders, neck and back. His shoulder pain was subsiding.

Once his physical weaknesses were resolved, I moved on to the non-physical, namely the mental and spiritual levels. This man was troubled by unevenness in his daily routine, thinking his work tasks were more important than spending time with his daughters. Working from a home office exacerbated the issue, because his work was ever-present. Resolving the unevenness eliminated all remaining pain in his back and shoulders.

The reason for pain in this case is one I see frequently in my clients. By thinking he has one true purpose, the work he does to earn money, he created unevenness in the importance of some daily tasks over others. Once I strengthened him for evenness of purpose, meaning that whatever he is doing at the moment is his purpose, his stress melted away. He felt strongly about working during work hours, and then enjoying time with his daughters free from thoughts that he should be doing something else. He told me later that he enjoys his work much more now.