May 17

Time Management Sabotages Success


This week several of my corporate clients came to me wanting help with time management. Some had time management models from “experts” that they intended to implement, but just couldn’t seem to get started. Others had jobs providing a service to people that required doing paperwork. They thought the paperwork got in the way, and that delivering the service was more important. In every case, the real issue was a crisis of purpose.

The bottom line is this. You do not have one special purpose for being alive. Everything you do is your purpose. When you place more importance on one thing over another, you create unevenness. Where there is unevenness there is struggle. Consequently, making a list and prioritizing tasks for the day immediately creates a mental struggle for you. Instead, make a list of tasks you want to complete. Then, strengthen yourself to the list and doing everything on it with equal importance. When you have evenness among your tasks, you are free to complete them without your mind telling you your time would be better spent doing something other than what you’re doing. When you are “strong” to your tasks, you have consistent internal motivation, no “passion” required.

Back to my clients, when I strengthened them as I just described, everything changed for them. They exhaled into their work routines. And, they had consistently strong energy left for their families or their personal lives at the end of the day. If you are resonating with this story and would like the same relief, just make an appointment with me by emailing Julie@AppliedKnowing.com.