Dec 31

Troubled by the U.S.A.


More and more clients are coming to me with issues about their country, the United States. They want a strong connection both ways, from themselves to their country and from their country to themselves. If you feel weakened by what’s happening in the U.S., perhaps reading about how one client’s issues were resolved will strengthen you, too.  Getting the right answer about what’s troubling you always changes the situation for the better.

This particular client asked me to strengthen her for connecting with what’s happening in the United States. When the U.S. connected with her it weakened her. When she thought about the future of the whole country, it also made her weak. Essentially, the country has negative experiences, call them spiritual experiences, from the past. So we deleted the weakening effects on the country of the spiritual experiences, especially from politicians.

Next, we resolved the weakening effects of the people, especially people with religion. We deleted the excess energy there from no separation. And, we deleted the effects on this woman’s spirit of people wanting to make religion the main thing for the U.S. instead of religion being a private affair. Now, even if the country goes in the direction of making religion a main thing, there will be no weakness for her.

Interestingly, all of the weakening issues came from inside the U.S., not from other countries causing problems for the U.S. The final weakening issue for my client was the people not getting along with each other, especially people already graduated from college. They compete against others, but not so anyone else benefits, only to be a negative influence on their competitors. So we strengthened her and deleted the effects so she will remain strong to that situation.

For my client, getting the answer to her question as to what specifically was weakening her stopped her question from becoming a problem. When questions go unanswered they combine with each other into problems. Confusion ensues. You want to be strong to whatever is happening around you so you have clarity as to what actions to take. Use your insight. Feel for what is weak. Strengthen the weakness and resolve the situation. Where there is no weakness, there is no problem. Or, contact me and I will do it for you.