You the Guru

Activate Your Infinite Human Potential To Become Your Own Guru!

Connect With All The Answers You Will Ever Need to Make Your Deepest Desires a Physical Reality…and Have Fun Doing It!

Tele-Lessons in Self Mastery with Julie Rahm

  • Eliminate the Six Most Common Fears that Drive You to Make Choices You Regret in Relationships, Business, Careers, Finances…in Life!
  • Make Nature’s Law of the Rhythm of Time Work For You. The Law is Neutral. You either Make it Work against Yourself or For Yourself.
  • Discover How to Turn Discord into Harmony for Health, Wealth, and Happiness!
  • Gain Self Discipline. Those Who are Not Masters of Themselves can Never Master Others. Master the Three Desires Most Responsible for Lack of Self Discipline: 1. The Desire for Food; 2. The Desire for Expression of Sex; 3. The Desire to Express Loosely Organized Opinions!
  • Break Away from Conditioned Thinking and Become a Free and Independent Thinker. In this Time of Upheaval and Change, You Have a Responsibility to Know What’s Really Going on!
  • Use Your Own Power of Thought as a Direct Line to the Universal Storehouse of Infinite Intelligence to Know the Exact Answer that Matches Any Question!

Lessons are Customized Perfectly to Ensure the Results You Desire!

If you have a group of associates who would enjoy a customized group experience, we will design your program to ensure the group and each individual achieve the desired transformation!

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